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Translations by Tomas Jandik

General (28):
David Koci - Fight for Your Dreams - 31-Jan-18 (Views: 1546)
Robert Lang: I guess Iím done. But Iím all right. (interview with "Sport" daily) - 20-Feb-11 (Views: 8959)
Michalek to Pittsburgh: Feels like a dream ('Sport' Daily onterview) - 2-Jul-10 (Views: 8311)
Petr Sykora: Pittsburgh? It's over! (Interview with AHA daily) - 16-Jul-09 (Views: 17133)
Petr Sykora: If Jagr came back to Pittsburgh, I'd let him stay in the basement (HN daily interview) - 17-Mar-09 (Views: 8932)
If Dzhegr comes back to Pittsburgh, he will have to live in a hotel, Sykora laughs (MF Dnes interview) - 27-Jan-09 (Views: 12654)
Pre-season interview with Petr Sykora ("Sport" daily) - 28-Jul-08 (Views: 8728)
Marek Sykora (Malkin's first pro coach): Zhenia was growing up in poverty ('Sport' daily) - 13-Nov-06 (Views: 9086)
Pivko: I got killed by Nashville! (interview with "Sport" daily) - 24-Jul-06 (Views: 13928)
An Interview with Dominik Hasek (Hasek's blog at his website www.dominator.cz) - 26-Jan-05 (Views: 9488)
Robert Holik: They Ain't Gonna Shut My Mouth! ("Blesk" daily interview) - 2-Feb-04 (Views: 9937)
Hnilicka: I want to play at the Championship (interview with 'Sport' daily) - 13-Dec-03 (Views: 9578)
The Trade Both Happy and Sad for Straka ('Lidove Noviny' daily interview) - 11-Dec-03 (Views: 11051)
Bondra Likes Mrs. Jagrova's Pork (MF Dnes interview) - 13-Jun-03 (Views: 13119)
Roman Cechmanek - It's a success I stayed this long (interview with hokej.cz) - 29-May-03 (Views: 10661)
Cechmanek's post-season interviews ("Sport" daily) - 12-May-03 (Views: 9754)
Extremely old game report (Canada vs. Czechoslovakia, January 28, 1924) - 30-Apr-03 (Views: 9927)
Thanks to the WC, Straka Gladly Gave Up Golfing With Lemieux (MF Dnes Interview) - 11-Apr-03 (Views: 11288)
Martin Straka speaks after his first game (www.nhl.cz) - 21-Nov-02 (Views: 11298)
Robert Lang: "The coach can't afford to start freaking out" (MF Dnes interview) - 19-Nov-02 (Views: 10790)
Straka interview before his return to Pittsburgh - "Sport" daily - 6-Sep-02 (Views: 10435)
Michal Sivek interview - MF Dnes - 19-Jul-02 (Views: 10111)
Vladimir Vujtek interview - MF Dnes - 16-Jul-02 (Views: 10604)
Jan Hrdina interview - "Blesk" daily - 2-Jul-02 (Views: 10871)
Roman Cechmanek interview - 'Sport' daily - 17-Jan-02 (Views: 10897)
Jiri Dopita interview - 'Sport' daily - 11-Jan-02 (Views: 10307)
Straka - post-injury interview (MF Dnes) - 30-Oct-01 (Views: 11378)
Pittsburgh Penguins Rooming List - 10-Sep-01 (Views: 15647)

Ivan Hlinka (8):
Hlinka's reaction to his termination - MF Dnes - 18-Oct-01 (Views: 10827)
Hlinka's Column - MF Dnes - 3-Oct-01 (Views: 9898)
Hlinka Interview - Blesk - 6-Sep-01 (Views: 10183)
Hlinka Interview - MF Dnes - 12-Jul-01 (Views: 9569)
Hlinka Interview - MF Dnes - 11-Jun-01 (Views: 10579)
Hlinka Interview -MF Dnes - 21-May-01 (Views: 9588)
Hlinka Interview - Sport - 10-Mar-01 (Views: 10865)
"The Painter of Sad Clowns" - Reflex magazine - 30-Dec-98 (Views: 11389)

Jaromir Jagr (32):
Angry Jagr: Pittsburgh made me look like an idiot (iSport.cz interview) - 4-Jul-11 (Views: 7225)
Jagr revealed the truth: Pittsburgh did not want me! (iSport.cz) - 2-Jul-11 (Views: 6611)
Jagr in Omsk: Russia has changed me. I am no longer afraid people will laugh at me - 13-Sep-10 (Views: 7037)
Jagr about the death of the teammate (Interview with 'MF Dnes' daily) - 15-Oct-08 (Views: 7863)
Mama Jagr: with Jarda on an Umbilical Cord (Interview with MF Dnes daily) - 29-Mar-06 (Views: 11658)
Jagr: I show off to hide my feelings (MF Dnes interview) - 14-Oct-03 (Views: 10961)
I can have kids when I am forty (MF Dnes Interview) - 5-Jun-03 (Views: 14639)
"I feel like I am robbing somebody" (interview with "Sport" daily) - 12-Jan-03 (Views: 13599)
Jagr on Wilson, his work habits, and the new season - MF Dnes - 13-Sep-02 (Views: 10362)
Jagr interview before his return to Washington - "Blesk" daily - 10-Sep-02 (Views: 10835)
Jagr doesn't care about Art Ross Trophy (MF Dnes) - 30-Mar-02 (Views: 10123)
Jagr's interview after returning from the injury - 'Pravo' daily - 24-Jan-02 (Views: 10220)
Excerpts from Jagr's Autobiography (part 3) - Lidove Noviny - 8-Oct-01 (Views: 10689)
Excerpts from Jagr's Autobiography (part 2) - Lidove Noviny - 18-Sep-01 (Views: 11719)
Excerpts from Jagr's Autobiography (part 1) - Lidove Noviny - 17-Sep-01 (Views: 11295)
Jagr Interview - Lidove Noviny - 10-Sep-01 (Views: 10204)
Jagr's Trade Reaction - Czech Press Agency - 12-Jul-01 (Views: 10949)
Jagr Press Conference - MF Dnes & Czech Press Agency - 26-Jun-01 (Views: 12064)
Jagr Interview - MF Dnes - 16-Jun-01 (Views: 10021)
Jagr's Deke - Reflex magazine - 31-May-01 (Views: 10021)
Jagr Interview - Lidove Noviny - 24-May-01 (Views: 9786)
Jagr's Deke - Reflex magazine - 24-May-01 (Views: 9768)
Jagr's Deke - Reflex magazine - 17-May-01 (Views: 9810)
Jagr Interview - MF Dnes - 12-Apr-01 (Views: 9457)
Jagr Interview - MF Dnes - 9-Apr-01 (Views: 9646)
Jagr's Deke - Reflex magazine - 8-Feb-01 (Views: 9730)
Jagr's Deke - Reflex magazine - 18-Jan-01 (Views: 9917)
Jagr's Deke - Reflex magazine - 11-Jan-01 (Views: 9940)
Jagr's Deke - Reflex magazine - 21-Dec-00 (Views: 9960)
Jagr's Deke - Reflex magazine - 14-Dec-00 (Views: 9787)
Jagr's Deke - Reflex magazine - 7-Dec-00 (Views: 10185)
Jagr's Deke - Reflex magazine - 30-Nov-00 (Views: 10069)

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