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Ways to help support LetsGoPens.com

Postby Admin on Thu Sep 11, 2008 10:06 am

I've gotten several inquiries on how people can financially support LGP, so here goes:
  1. The number one thing everyone can do is to allow ads to be shown. If you have ad-blocking software, allowing letsgopens.com to serve ads would definitely be appreciated.
  2. Purchase items from ads on the board. I get a percentage of merchandise sold from most of the ads [Amazon, eBay, NHL.com, etc.) on the board. The links I get a % of the sales off can all be found at http://www.letsgopens.com/ads.php. An example would be this Amazon link.
  3. If you'd like to make a donation directly, you can do so through PayPal.
A sincere thanks in advance to everyone that helps support LetsGoPens.com.


PS If you decide to donate through PayPal and are a registered board member, e-mail me [rja@letsgopens.com] your board username. You'll be added to the LGP Supporter user group and your name will display in green on the board.
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