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2018 KHL season is fixed

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2018 KHL season is fixed

Postby FLPensFan on Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:30 pm

Slava Malamud, one of the top hockey reporters in Russia, had sent out a series of tweets how the KHL season is fixed this year. Some of the main items:

--SKA St. Petersberg is Putin's team. It's loaded with hockey players that were on the OAR Hockey Team.
--It's an election year, and Putin isn't going to let his team lose.
--SKA has been allowed to exceed the salary cap. Says SKA team salary is 6 times the amount of average teams in the league.
--SKA has first dibs on any star player considering playing in the KHL.
--While the league hasn't come out and said it is fixed this year, it basically released a statement talking about how SKA winning, loaded with national/olympic stars, would be great Nationalism.
--SKA is facing a crap team in Severstal in the playoffs. The problem is this crap team doesn't really care about the nationalism stuff and is plays SKA very hard.
--SKA is half hung over from attending a Putin election party the day before Game 1.
--To help even the odds, the refs are quick on the whistle against Severstal, with 24 PIM for Severstal and ZERO for SKA.
--SKA goes ahead 3-2 on the PP, only to have Severstal to tie it in the final minutes. Refs give SKA 2 more PP opportunities in overtime.
--SKA wins Game 1 in overtime, and wins Game 2 as well.
--In game 3 in Severstal, penalties are pretty even, and the underdog Severstal team takes SKA to Overtime again.
--SKA scores in overtime to win the game. Severstal challenges for offsides. KHL has video review just like NHL.
--Here's the video of the goal. KHL refs were said to have this angle available to them as part of their review..... (jump to about 45 seconds if you want to see the replay part)

--KHL refs ruled the goal stands, no offsides.

Here is BarStool's article with all the tweets from Slava, and a summary of the fix in the KHL:
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Re: 2018 KHL season is fixed

Postby Humperdink on Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:24 pm

Slava Malamud, the Russian sports writer who tweeted might want to consider employing a food taster and some antidotes in his pocket. The Vladiator doesn't look kindly upon criticism.
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