Impressions of Game 1, SCF

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Impressions of Game 1, SCF

Postby IntangibleBeer on Sun Jun 04, 2023 1:30 pm

Not sure if this is the right place, but...

Watched Game 1 last night - very hard fought and entertaining. Some impressions:
  • There seemed to be a LOT of elbows being thrown, especially in the first 5 minutes. Or was it just me?
  • As is typical for the NHL during playoffs, obstruction calls (holding, clutching, interference) don't seem to be in the rule book at the moment. There were players being wrestled to the ground (without the puck in sight) and no call. :roll:
  • Every time the broadcasters went to their "rules analyst", I got the impression they caught Don Koharski with a mouthful of Krispy Kreme. :lol:

Anybody else with some thoughts on the game?
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