Pens vs. Caps - Just Some Observations

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Pens vs. Caps - Just Some Observations

Postby Pensfan4life8771 on Tue May 01, 2018 9:40 am

So from the first two Caps games I have noticed some trends and some other items that either Pens need to fix or just be aware of in this series.

1. The starts. I think coming back to the paint can will help a bit with getting them out of the gate better but it would be nice to have a lead on the Caps for once in this series to start out the game and maybe not give up a goal within first 2 minutes or less. This is a no brainer but I think it'll take some much needed pressure off our D-Men for a shift or two.

2. The disallowed goal. Yes it is a hard pill to swallow cause it would've been 3-2 and the Caps probably would've fell back on their "heels" again like deja vu feeling for them. It's ok though, bounces happen in a series, especially one that will most likely go the distance or at least 6. As long as Pens keep digging and use those bad calls as fuel to keep angry/playing/better starts good.

3. The split factor. As a Pens fan I'm incredibly happy with a split in D.C. Especially given we won game one in a period and we did it without Malkin.

4. Malkin. Malkin should be playing tonight and that will get the 2nd line going and he should have an extra step since it's verse is countryman and he hasn't played since last series.

5. The power play. I get it the Pens finished first in the league in the regular season and they didn't have Malkin in the first two games. Still the PP needs to get going....with the Caps its like the Flyers if you convert on the PP they will stop taking stupid penalties cause PP gets hot or maybe they just keep taking them...either way get PP going and that'll benefit a lot.

I still think Pens got this in 6 games. I think we will split in PPG and win in DC and close out in PPG game 6.
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Re: Pens vs. Caps - Just Some Observations

Postby DelPen on Tue May 01, 2018 10:19 am

Stop the odd man breaks and they don’t score.

Throw everything on net and Holtby will do the rest.

That’s all.
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Re: Pens vs. Caps - Just Some Observations

Postby penny lane on Thu May 03, 2018 2:14 pm

The penguins have to match the DC Caps desperation.
Winning 3 series, winning 12 games from the same team in May is so very difficult.
But done it will be~
Goals, goals, goals.
penny lane
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