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Re: Official Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey & Gear Discussion Th

Postby jeffshly on Fri Aug 16, 2019 12:00 pm

theblackarts wrote:Sorry to ask this for the millionth time; just scored a vintage 1990 blank jersey, and I'd like to get it customized. Is the house of hockey still the best in town? Any other options? Thanks!

The jerseys from 1990 were customized by Century Sports in McMurray. They subcontracted the work to an embroidery shop in Avella, PA called NJK Lettering. Unfortunately, that shop is no longer in business.

For local customizers, you can't go wrong with either the House o' Hockey or the shop who customizes the Pens jerseys now, Pro Knitwear in Brookline. However, I'm not sure if the twill either of them uses is consistent with the twill used back in 1990. If you're really a stickler to having an exact match to the era (like I am), you may want to consider Keener Jerseys in Winnipeg. They're the best I'm aware of in terms of matching older lettering styles exactly. I've had them do one of my jerseys (pics:, and while the shipping to and from Canada can be a bit costly, to me, it was definitely worth it. They turned it around quickly for a fair price, and their work was outstanding.

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Re: Official Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey & Gear Discussion Th

Postby Lesky on Sun Oct 13, 2019 2:50 am

Were this jersey a bit overpriced? Or am I wrong?

A 48 retail koho 2000 jammies jersey, brand new tags for 311$.
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