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Do We Need Letang?

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Do the Penguins Need Letang?

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Re: Do We Need Letang?

Postby Hugo Stiglitz on Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:39 pm

Idoit40fans wrote:
shmenguin wrote:
Idoit40fans wrote:No one has ever responded to me when I say something like this, but is Letang's play style going against what he is being asked to do? I understand mistakes, but I don't think he is "running amok". Do people disagree with this?

i think he looks more measured this year, so i don't think he's running amok either...which means he's significantly less effective offensively...which means he's not worth having on the team at next year's price tag, if this is what we can expect from now on.

Well I didn't think he was going to be worth it at any point. Money is better spent elsewhere. Oh well. He's not at the top of the things i hope to be changed on that team.

I think his salary will hinder those changes that should be made.
Hugo Stiglitz
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Re: Do We Need Letang?

Postby PAPLine on Tue Nov 19, 2013 8:39 pm

There is a lot of money being spent on this team for which we are getting less than adequate return. I think that the addition of ACJM is taking a while to sink in. Once the team gets to a point where they defend in the new system without thinking, they should become freer on of fence. One can only hope that this applies to 58 and 71.
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