Pittsburgh Pirates (NHL) - Credits

  1. Team and player photos are used with permission from The Hockey Information Service Inc. Reprints of all photos may be purchased from their website.
  2. The Duquesne Gardens photograph is borrowed from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Bridging the Urban Landscape exhibit which is an exhibit of some 600 historical photographs and images, accompanied by text, of Pittsburgh, its bridges and its neighborhoods.
  3. Historical/Statistical source - Total Hockey, a nearly 1800 page book which has everything you'll ever need to know about hockey. The book can be purchased online from BarnesandNoble.com or from your local bookstore.
  4. Historical source - Ultimate Hockey due out in stores Oct. 99. One of the authors has provided me the dates of every Pirates game. Thanks, Jeff!
  5. Historical source - Pittsburgh Penguins: The Official History of the First 30 Years, by Bob Grove. (Thanks to Bruce Kish for sending me this info.)
  6. Box score research - Thanks to my wife, Denise, for helping sift through old microfilm at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh!