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National Hockey League Collective Bargaining Agreement -1993-2004
Exhibit 8
Procedures Relating To Commissioner Discipline

This will advise all players and other League personnel of the
procedures that will be followed with regard to supplementary
discipline for the balance of the 1994/95 season.  To ensure your
team's awareness of these procedures, each General Manager and
Head Coach must confirm in writing that they are in receipt of
this memorandum and that a copy has been given to each player.

It is our intention to impose discipline in a swift, effective,
and consistent manner with respect to conduct proscribed by
League rules, including the use of excessive and unnecessary
force and careless acts resulting in injury.  In doing so, we do
not, however, intend to alter the basic fabric of our game.

Supplementary discipline may be imposed automatically or on a
discretionary basis under nineteen (19) different rules in the
National Hockey League Rulebook.  Certain rules, such as Rules
44(a) and 49(a) require automatic suspension, while others
provide for supplementary discipline on a discretionary basis.

When a penalty is imposed which calls for automatic suspension
(for example, pursuant to Rule 49(a)), the player will be
immediately suspended from further competition pending League
review, which will follow the procedures set forth below.  When
suspension is not automatic, a preliminary review will be made by
the League.  All reviews will take place as soon as possible
following the conclusion of the game in which the incident took
place.  The following procedures will be followed, for the
balance of the 1994/95 NHL regular season:

Discipline Following Preliminary Reviews

Immediately following the conclusion of a game involving an
incident that may require supplementary discipline, both the
referee and the supervisor (if a supervisor is in attendance)
will complete reports, which will be sent simultaneously via
facsimile to the League offices in Toronto and New York.  In
addition, the referee or supervisor shall make telephone contact
immediately following the game with one of the League employees
designated for this purpose.  The referee will also arrange for
the game tape to be sent to Toronto.  The New York Office will
receive by satellite a copy of the game tape if that game was
televised.  A preliminary review will be held the next day, if
possible, and will generally consist of a review of the game
tapes, the reports from the referee and supervisor and a
telephone conversation with the player(s) involved (if
available).  The League may impose a fine for inappropriate
conduct which falls short of warranting a suspension.  Such a
fine will not exceed One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00). A
recipient of such a fine is not a repeat offender for
disciplinary purposes.  However, such a fine does carry
consequences for the balance of that season.  Any further
discipline imposed in that season will take into account the
offense for which the player has been fined.  The League may
proceed with supplementary discipline following such preliminary
review, if the evidence in such a case clearly indicates that
discipline is appropriate.  In such cases, discipline will be
imposed up to a maximum suspension of four (4) games.

Discipline Following Formal Hearings

If the preliminary review indicates that a suspension of more
than four (4) games may be appropriate, a more formal proceeding
will take place.  League personnel designated for such duties
will conduct interviews with such other persons as are deemed
necessary, including the other officials who worked the game in
question, other players, coaches, and any other League personnel
who attended the game.  The player shall be suspended while this
formal proceeding is being conducted.  A player will have the
right to appear at a disciplinary hearing and may, with the
assistance of counsel of his choosing, present evidence in
support of his position.  A player may waive any of these rights
if he wishes.  Representatives of the Club and the NHLPA may also
attend and participate in the hearing.

Hearings will ordinarily be conducted by Mr. Burke or another
designee of Commissioner Bettman.  Once a decision on
supplementary discipline has been made, the club and the player
shall receive written notification of any discipline imposed,
with a copy provided to the NHLPA.  Discipline shall take effect
immediately.  A player may seek review of a disciplinary
determination by Commissioner Bettman, who will endeavor to rule
promptly on any such appeal.

Timing of Suspensions

Whenever possible, suspensions will take effect beginning with
the game immediately following the game in which the incident
giving rise to the suspension occurred.  As a general matter, a
player who is suspended shall serve a specific number of games.

Effect of Suspension on Salary

The League will calculate the amount of money the player must
forfeit due to the suspension.  This will be calculated on the
following basis:

     a.   for first offenders (first incident requiring
supplementary discipline in the form of a game suspension),
player to forfeit one day's salary for each regular season game   
lost (1/ total number of days in the season measured from the
date of the League's first regular season game to the last,
irrespective of the player's team's schedule);

     b.   for repeat offenders (second or more incidents
requiring game suspension), player to forfeit one game's salary
for each regular season game lost (1/ number of regular season
games for each regular season game suspended);

     c.   only salary, signing and reporting bonuses to be
included in calculating the player's annual compensation for the
1994/95 season; and

     d.   deferred compensation and marketing agreements shall
also be included in calculating the player's annual compensation
beginning with 1995/96 season.

     e.   Status as a "first" or "repeat" offender shall be
re-determined every eighteen months.  For example, where a player
is suspended for the first time, he is a repeat offender if he is
suspended again within eighteen months of the first incident.  If
he is not suspended a second time within this eighteen month
period, he is no longer a repeat offender for disciplinary

Within ten days of the Club's final regular season game, the Club
involved shall furnish the League with proof that any sums which
were to be deducted from the player's salary due to a suspension
were, in fact, deducted.  The Club shall be responsible for
paying an amount equal to the withheld salary to the League
office within ten (10) days of the amount being withheld.  No
such sums shall be returned to the player in any form.

Factors In Determining Supplementary Discipline

In deciding on supplementary discipline, the following factors
will be taken into account:

     a)   The type of conduct involved: conduct outside of NHL
rules; excessive force in contact otherwise permitted by NHL
rules; and careless or accidental conduct. Players are
responsible for the consequences of their actions.

     b)   Injury to the opposing player(s) involved in the

     c)   The status of the offender, and specifically whether he
is a first time or repeat offender.  Players who repeatedly
violate NHL rules will be more severely punished for each

     d)   The situation of the game in which the incident
occurred: late in the game, lopsided score, prior events in the

     e)   Such other factors as may be appropriate in the

The linchpin of the disciplinary system is Rule 34A:

     Rule 34A.  Supplementary Discipline
    In addition to the automatic fines and suspensions imposed
under these rules, the Commissioner may, at his discretion,
investigate any incident that occurs in connection with any
exhibition, League or playoff game and may assess additional
fines and/or suspensions for any offense committed during the
course of a game or any aftermath thereof by a player, Trainer,
Manager, Coach or club executive, whether or not such offense has
been penalized by the Referee.

    (NOTE):If an investigation is requested by a club or by the
League on its own initiative, it must be initiated within
seventy-two (72) hours following the completion of the game in
 which the incident occurred.

Club Requests for Reviews

Any request by a Member Club for a review of an incident should
be made as swiftly as possible following the conclusion of the
game in which the incident occurred.  Requests for review should
be directed to Brian Burke or Jim Gregory or, in their absence,
to Jeff Pash.  While the rule permits requests to be submitted
within seventy-two hours, we expect that such requests will in
fact be communicated the evening of the incident, or at the
latest on the following day.  Failure to file as soon as possible
will be a factor in review.

Please be reminded of the following points with regard to sending
in tapes.

    1.   All tapes must be sent via courier at your earliest

    2.   All tapes must be labeled with the NHL Game Number, as
well as the period and time of the incident(s) to be reviewed.  A
cued-up tape is helpful if a lengthy tape is sent.

    3.   All tapes must contain two minutes of play before and
after each incident sent in for review.

    4.   Tapes sent in must be unedited, and every available
camera angle must be sent in. Editing out damaging footage or
withholding tape shot from an alternate camera is         
strictly prohibited, and will result in a fine to the club.

    5.   No Super VHS tapes should be sent in - they are
incompatible with our equipment.

    6.   No slow motion footage is to be sent in, and if any
enhancing or imaging is undertaken, it must be provided following
the normal, fullspeed view of the

Public Comment

Public criticism of supplementary discipline is subject to the
provisions of By-Law 17.

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