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National Hockey League Collective Bargaining Agreement -1993-2004
Article 25
Endorsements; Licensing

25.1.    No player shall be involved in any endorsement of
alcoholic beverages and/or tobacco products.

25.2.    When a player obtains an endorsement for himself, he
shall receive the entire fee therefor and may mention the name of
his Club for identification purposes only.  A player shall not
use the sweater or Club insignia without the consent of the Club
which shall not be unreasonably withheld, and if consent is
granted, Section 25.4 shall be applicable.

25.3.    In the case of a team endorsement, which includes the
individual likeness or name of any player, the proceeds thereof
shall be divided one-half to the players and one-half to the
Club.  The Club shall not use the individual personality,
including his likeness, of any player in any endorsement without
his consent, which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

25.4.    In the case of a single player wearing the sweater or
identified with the insignia of the Club in connection with an
endorsement, 2/3 of the fee thereof shall be paid to the player,
and 1/3 shall be paid to the Club.

25.5.    An accounting between each Club and its players for
endorsement fees, if any, provided for in this Article shall be
made at Christmas and at the conclusion of the regular season.

25.6.    Nothing contained in this Agreement or in any Player
Contract shall preclude the NHLPA from endorsing or entering into
agreements to endorse any product or service, provided the NHLPA
may not use the insignia of the League or of any Club without

25.7.    (a) The NHLPA acknowledges a wide range of
marketing/commercial promotions ("Promotions") utilized by Clubs
in the past.  The NHLPA recognizes these past practices by the
Clubs and the Clubs' right to continue such Promotions in the
future.  Where questions concerning player rights arise under
such Promotions, the NHLPA shall direct such questions to the
Commissioner of the League or his designated representative for
resolution in conjunction with a Joint Promotion Committee which
the parties are establishing this date.

     (b) The Clubs acknowledge the existence of the NHLPA Group
Licensing Program through which the players exclusively authorize
the NHLPA to use, license, and sub-license the use of their name,
signature, picture, biographical sketch, playing record and
likeness in groups of three or more players across the league. 
"Picture" and "likeness" do not include team uniforms or logos.

     (c) The Clubs further acknowledge that the NHLPA has in the
past licensed and continues to license the use of still
photographs and pictures of the players, but not the team uniform
or logos.  The Clubs agree to forever release all past, present
and future claims to monies paid to NHLPA by licensees for the
right to use the players' photographs and pictures, but not the
team uniforms or logos, on any licensed product.

     (d) The NHLPA and the Clubs, through their designated
licensing representative, shall continue to jointly license all
retail trading card licensees.  Neither NHLPA nor the Clubs shall
license any retail trading card licensees solely unless the other
declines to participate.  The NHLPA and Clubs shall continue to
negotiate their own percentage shares of royalty payments in
their respective license agreements.

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