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National Hockey League Collective Bargaining Agreement -1993-2004
Article 24
International Hockey Games

24.1.    (a) The NHL / NHLPA International Committee
("International Committee") shall be entitled to conduct
international games each season.  Except in cases where the
International Committee shall specifically authorize other dates,
the said international games may be scheduled at anytime between
ten days after the commencement of training camp and the
following February 15.  The players and/or clubs selected by the
International Committee shall be obliged to participate in the
said games; provided, however, that no Club shall be required to
play more than one such game each season, but may do so with the
approval of the said Committee.

     (b) The international games provided for in subsection (a)
of this Section may, at the option of the International
Committee, be between NHL Clubs and/or any one or more foreign
(i.e., other than Canadian or U.S.) clubs or foreign national
(i.e., other than Canadian or U.S.) teams as opponents and may be
(i) similar in format to the games scheduled in London in 1993
and in Helsinki in 1994, or (ii) games in which the League
Stanley Cup Champion for the preceding season represents the
League, or (iii) games in which a League All-Star team designated
by the International Committee represents the League, or (iv) a
combination of the any of the foregoing.

     (c) The NHLPA shall be entitled to 50 percent of all
proceeds and other revenues from the international games provided
for in the preceding Subsections of this Section after deduction
from all proceeds and all revenues of all legitimate costs and
expenses approved by the International Committee, including
without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the amount
payable as compensation and/or expense reimbursement to or for
the foreign team or teams, including any amount payable with
respect to taxes imposed on it or them which is not collectible
from it or them, and the amount of all other legitimate costs and
expenses reasonably incurred by the League or any Club in
connection with any of the said international games.  Each player
participating in an international game shall receive an
appropriate per diem to be set by the International Committee,
provided that it shall be no less than $80 U.S. for each day,
including travel days, associated with the international game. 
To the extent that the revenues may be insufficient to defray the
expenses with respect to any game, the deficiency shall be paid
equally by the Club and the NHLPA out of and to the extent of
their respective shares.

24.2.    The International Committee shall consist of the
Commissioner and the Chief Operating Officer of the League
together with the Executive Director and the Senior Director,
Business Affairs and Licensing of the Association.  A quorum
shall consist of one representative from the League and one
representative from the Association.

24.3.    Subject to the provisions of Section 24.1 hereof, the
International Committee shall be entitled to negotiate, contract
for, arrange and conduct international games provided for under
Section 24.1 hereof, including without limiting the generality of
the foregoing, selection of teams, players and opposition, and
determining schedule, place, conditions and rules of play and all
financial arrangements.

24.4.    A player who participates in any international game
provided for in Section 24.1 or 24.6 hereof shall have the same
rights and obligations under his contract and under this
Agreement as if he were participating in a regular League game
except (i) no additional compensation shall be paid to the player
by any Club for any such international game, and (ii) no such
international game shall be taken into account in determining any
bonus for performance.

24.5.    The Clubs and the Association shall endeavor to
cooperate in the development of long-range international hockey
planning related to formation of the United States and Canadian
National Teams and establishment of a World Cup patterned on the
concept of the Canada Cup tournaments staged to date.

24.6.    For IIHF World Championships and for tournaments
approved by the International Committee during the term of this
Agreement, the Clubs shall permit players to play for their
respective National teams on the following conditions:

     (a) Only those players who are on Clubs that do not qualify
for the League playoffs or are eliminated in the preliminary
round of said playoffs may be invited to participate.

     (b) The player agrees that from the time he joins the
National team until his release therefrom, he shall be subject to
League discipline with respect to his conduct both on and off the

     (c) There shall be no inquiry to any player as to his
playing for his National team by any agent or representative of
any National team until and unless his team has been eliminated
from the playoffs.  Further, no inquiry may be made to any such
player unless prior or contemporaneous notice is given to the
player's General Manager that said inquiry will take place.

     (d) The National team shall be responsible for providing
such insurance to cover a player's loss of earning capacity as
the player may require.  Provided, however, if a team or player
presently carries insurance insuring the contract of said player
as against permanent disability and which insurance would cover
said player while participating in said series, then the National
team shall pay to the Club (or player) the pro rata cost of said
coverage for the period in question. The National team shall also
be required to pay to the player's Club the pro rata cost of any
asset value insurance that the Club may have covering said

     (e) The coach and manager of the North American National
teams to whom said players will be released shall be approved by
the League.  For this purpose two Committees shall be formed and
shall consist of qualified persons mutually agreed upon.

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