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National Hockey League Collective Bargaining Agreement -1993-2004
Article 16
League Schedule; Playing Rosters; Reserve Lists; Practice Sessions

16.1.    League Schedule.  During each playing season covered by
this Agreement, each Club shall play not more than 82 regular
season games.  No game provided for in Article 24 (International
Hockey Games) hereof shall be deemed to be an additional regular
season game for the purposes of the preceding sentence or of any
Player's Contract.  Each contract between a player and a Club
shall be deemed to contemplate a schedule of 82 regular season
games unless prior to entering into the contract the Club and the
player confirm in writing that a lower number is scheduled with
respect to any playing season covered by the contract.  If in the
absence of such written confirmation, the number of regular
season games should be decreased, other than by reason of the
player's participation in one or more games provided for in
Article 24 hereof, the player's salary shall be decreased in
proportion to the number of games scheduled.

16.2.    Playoff Games.  The playoffs will consist of four
rounds, with each round having a maximum of seven (7) games.

16.3.    Games 83 and 84.  (a)  For the 1995/96 season and
thereafter, Games "83" and "84" of the regular season, the
so-called "neutral site" games, are eliminated.  In consideration
of the elimination of such games while agreeing to maintain Games
81 and 82, each Club shall pay to the NHLPA an annual sum of
$152,500, native currency, in each of the seasons 1995/96 through
1997/98.  For each subsequent playing season covered by this
Agreement, the annual sum referred to in the prior sentence shall
be adjusted based on the percentage increases in per-game gate
receipts between the average of the 1995/96 through 1997/98
(inclusive) seasons and the 1998/99 season.  For example, if the
per-game average for the 1995/96 through 1997/98 seasons,
inclusive, is $500,000, and the average of the 1998/99 season is
$550,000, the original payment of $152,500 will be increased by
10 percent to $167,750 (native currency).  Gate receipts will be
calculated as currently set forth in the periodic reports that
the League office prepares for distribution to the Clubs.  A big
six (or other mutually agreeable) accounting firm will verify the
percentage increase.  Each annual payment will be made by the
League on behalf of the Clubs within ten days of the last regular
season game in each season.

     (b) In the event of expansion, each expansion Club shall pay
the annual amount then in effect for the applicable seasons, as
provided in Section 16.3(a), commencing with such expansion
Club's first season.

     (c) It is recognized that the addition of Games 83 and 84 to
the regular season schedule were agreed to in consideration of
adding Games 81 and 82 at the same time.  It is agreed that, at
the expiration of this Agreement, the terms upon which games 81
and 82 continue are matters for collective bargaining.

16.4.    Roster Size; Players Subject to Player Contract.

     (a) For the 1995/96 League Year and thereafter there shall
be a maximum of 24 players on each Club's Playing Roster at any
one time, provided, that in the event the NHL expands, the NHL
will have the option, at its sole discretion, to reduce the
maximum Playing Roster of each Club to 23, commencing with the
League year in which such expansion team(s) begin playing,
provided, however, that, on the date of each season's trade
deadline, a Club's Playing Roster may be increased to any number
of players the Club, in its discretion, so determines.  There
shall be no reduction of the required minimum Playing Rosters of
the Clubs, except in case of emergency, below eighteen skaters
and two goalkeepers.

16.5.    Playing Roster.  A player under contract to a Club shall
be deemed to be on the Club's Playing Roster during the regular
season or playoffs only if he is assigned to the Club or if he is
assigned by the Club temporarily to a minor league club for
conditioning purposes under Section 13.8 hereof.  During training
camp, such player shall be deemed to be on the Club's Playing
Roster only if he had been on the Club's Playing Roster after the
trading deadline in the preceding season on other than an
emergency recall basis.

16.6.    Restricted Days.

     (a) No game, practice or travel to a city other than the
Club's home city shall be scheduled on the day prior to Christmas
Day.  Christmas Day shall be an off day for all purposes,
including travel.  No game shall be scheduled on the day after
Christmas Day except a game that is to be played against the Club
where the average scheduled flight time between the cities
involved would not exceed two and one-half hours.

     (b) No game, practice or travel to a city other than the
Club's home city shall be scheduled on the day prior to the
All-Star game.  The day of the All-Star game shall be an off day
for all purposes, including travel.  The day after the All-Star
game shall be for practice and/or travel only.  Any such practice
must begin after 2:00 p.m..  No game shall be scheduled on that

16.7.    Practice Sessions.  Practice sessions shall be scheduled
at reasonable times in accordance with the general practice of
Clubs in the League.

16.8.    Travel Restrictions.  No Club shall be required to
travel on the day of a game if the average scheduled flight time
for the airplane on which the Club would travel is greater than
two and one-half hours; provided, however, the foregoing shall
not be applicable if the Club has played a game on the day

16.9.    No Trade Periods.  No Player on a Playing Roster as at
midnight, local time, on December 19 in a League Year may be
traded from that time to midnight, local time, on December 27 in
such League Year; provided that players may be recalled to NHL
Clubs during that period.

16.10.   Injured Reserve List.  (a)  The Injured Reserve List is
a category of the Reserve List.  A Club may place a player on
Injured Reserve only if such player is injured or disabled and
unable to perform his duties as a hockey player by reason of an
injury sustained during the course of his employment as a hockey
player, including travel with his team or on business requested
by the Club, after having passed the Club's initial physical
examination in that season.  If a player fails the Club's initial
physical examination in any Season, he is not eligible for
Injured Reserve.

     (b) Players on Injured Reserve may attend team meetings,
travel with the Club (at the Club's option) and participate in
practice sessions with other players on the Club's Playing
Roster.  Players on Injured Reserve are prohibited from appearing
in games, participating in pre-game warm-ups with their Clubs, or
dressing in game uniforms on game days.

     (c) A player who has an injury that renders him physically
unable to play hockey for a minimum of seven (7) days after the
date of injury can be placed on the Injured Reserve List.  Once a
player is placed on the Injured Reserve List, the Club may
replace said player on it's NHL roster with another player.

     (d) All determinations that a player has suffered a major
injury must be made by the Club's medical staff and in accordance
with the Club's medical standards.  Such prognosis must be
documented by a verification signed by the Club physician and
countersigned by a working Club executive and the Player.  This
form must be filed in the League Office and a copy sent to the
NHLPA within two (2) days after the date the player is officially
added to the Injured Reserve List; if not, the Club shall be

     (e) The Commissioner may take whatever steps he deems
necessary to investigate Injured Reserve cases.  In the event
that he has reason to believe that they have not been handled
properly by the involved Club, or if he determines that the Club
has used the Injured Reserve List to evade the playing roster
limit, he may take such disciplinary action against the Club as
he deems appropriate.

     (f) A player placed on the Injured Reserve List will be
ineligible to compete in NHL games for a period of not less than
seven (7) days from the date of injury.  A player will be
eligible for activation beginning the 8th day following the date
of injury or any day thereafter the player receives medical
clearance to play.

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