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Eric Majeski's (aka Netwolf) Camp Reports for LetsGoPens.com

Camp 2011 Tweet Archive

September 25, 2011

And with that report, Camp 2011 is done, at least for me anyway. Thanks to all who read my ramblings, you guys are why I keep doing it. 1 hour ago
Camp 2011, Season Ticket Holder Practice Report is up: http://letsgopens.com/camp_reports.php?id=68 1 hour ago
And that will about do it. Good night now! 6 hours ago
The 5 players involved are now handing out autographed jerseys to 5 fans. 29 almost tripped on the carpet. #closecall 6 hours ago
Unreal, people are even leaving this early. There's no traffic to beat! 6 hours ago
Talking about favorite foods, 29 said steak and maybe some french fries, don't tell Kadar. Staal goes w/ pierogies. #solid 6 hours ago
29 asked about shallower nets: it's good, I'll have more room to dangle back there. 6 hours ago
Crosby says 58s workout vids were fake. Tanger says "b/c you wish you could work out like that." 6 hours ago
Geno asked who he hated more - Flyers or Caps. Answer? Both. #perfect 6 hours ago
Sid corrects Mearsy on him being superstitious: "They're all routines." 6 hours ago
Geno says Foo Fighter show was good, Sid and Staalsy were also there. 6 hours ago
29 says stopping the puck is the hardest part of playing goal. 6 hours ago
29 says Duper is funniest guy along with Geno. 6 hours ago
11-Max was a great friend, key word was. Will be tough to see him in a dirty Flyers jersey. Promised a few xtra slashes to back of his legs. 6 hours ago
Here comes the Talbot question... 6 hours ago
29-policeman so I can drive fast, 11-became a hockey player b/c didn't want to be a sod farmer 6 hours ago
Next Q: what would you be doing if not hockey? 87-fireman, 71-dont know, ended up factory worker, 58-personal trainer... 6 hours ago
Players asked what needs most improvement. Staal says don't ask me, then says "goaltending." He's seated right next to 29. 6 hours ago
Crowd goes stone cold quiet when Sid talks, hanging on every word. #screwEFHutton 6 hours ago
Full standing O for Sid. #shock 6 hours ago
And 87! 6 hours ago
Geno!))))) 6 hours ago
Here come the players: Staal, Fleury, Letang... 6 hours ago
HCDB on yesterday's 9 for 9 PK: it was Mike Yeo's power play. #ohnohedidnt 6 hours ago
HCDB: we'll have Sullivan bring the puck up ice a lot on PP and look to work off both sides of the ice. 6 hours ago
HCDB: we've already petitioned the league to have our preseason PP goals count towards reg season. 6 hours ago
HCDB just got a question about the powerplay. Stone faced, he requested the fan come to the ice in mock disgust. 6 hours ago
Someone yelled out "what about Jagr" HCDB simply said I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for that game. 6 hours ago
HCDB thinks biggest 3 eastern teams will be WAS, TB, and BOS. 6 hours ago
Bylsma: I'd love to talk about a Western Conference opponent in the playoffs. 6 hours ago
HCDB just did the "Kennedy!" thing... 7 hours ago
HCDB asked about lines. Talked about w/ 87, still wants to see 14-18, only got a few claps, and laughed about it. 7 hours ago
Bylsma sounds like he's been doing a LOT of yelling lately. Reminiscent of how Dave Manson sounded. 7 hours ago
HCDB gets a standing O. He refuses to walk on the carpet. He takes the ice. #realpro 7 hours ago
Next up, HCDB. 7 hours ago
Shero: he's gonna get mad at me b/c he asked me not to say it anymore, but congrats to Dan Bylsma on coach of the year. 7 hours ago
Shero: one of my goals is to give you a team you can be proud of and I think last year's team was a team you could be proud of. 7 hours ago
Shero gives props to Morrow, Harrington and Thiessen. 7 hours ago
Shero: ironic that we're playing Tuesday in KC, but happy to report we'll be coming back to Pittsburgh afterwards. 7 hours ago
Here comes Ray Shero... 7 hours ago
Morehouse: CEC was voted best NHL arena and best new concert venue. 7 hours ago
Morehouse: Pens are number 1 NHL team on Twitter. 7 hours ago
Morehouse is first up with a State of the Franchise address. 7 hours ago
Steve Mears at the podium and we are underway. 7 hours ago
Prep underway for town hall meeting... yfrog.com/kf7dircj 7 hours ago

Vitale went into the boards hard, but got up okay. Got tangled up with Lovejoy. 8 hours ago
Not only has Morrow been good, he's been 1 of their top 4 D since camp opened. May not be ready for full season, but he could handle tryout. 9 hours ago
If for some reason Orpik isn't ready to go for Vancouver, I'm starting to think Morrow might get a 10 game tryout. 9 hours ago
Jeffrey practiced, but didn't see him in the pseudo-scrimmage. Haven't seen Orpik yet. Could be in 2nd group though. 9 hours ago
Getting the feeling these forward combos are what HCDB is leaning towards starting with... 9 hours ago
Fleury comes flying out of the net almost to the blueline to break up a pass. Cooke objects to the whistle. 9 hours ago
Letestu, Cooke, and Dupuis rocking the dark gray jerseys. Morrow and Picard? On D. 9 hours ago
MacIntyre also has a gold jersey. 9 hours ago
Pens working an extra attacker drill now w/ 87 as the 6th man. 9 hours ago
Seems like forward lines are consistent but D pairs are rotating around. 9 hours ago
Vitale centering Adams and Asham. Strait and Lovejoy. 9 hours ago
Park between Tangradi and McDonald I think. They have sweet gold jerseys on, but no numbers. 9 hours ago
Niskanen w/ Lovejoy, Engelland now w/ Letang. 9 hours ago
Geno lays out for a loose puck, but its just out of his reach. 9 hours ago
Martin w/ Michalek 9 hours ago
Engo paired with Harrington. 9 hours ago
Staal w/ Kunitz and Kennedy 9 hours ago
Geno centering Neal and Sullivan again. 9 hours ago
Today marks the 7th day out of the past 9 that I have watched the Pens play or practice. #awesome 9 hours ago
As a result, there isn't much flow and no one is really going all out. 9 hours ago
This isn't a traditional scrimmage, as Bylsma is stopping play at various points to reinforce what he wants to see. No referees either. 9 hours ago
Scrimmage is about to start. 87 out there w/ Craig and N.Johnson. 9 hours ago
Time for more hockey! Off to CEC for a STH scrimmage, practice, and town hall meeting. 11 hours ago

Camp 2011, Preseason Game 3 report is up: http://letsgopens.com/camp_reports.php?id=67 23 hours ago
Good time at the #Pens game today, thanks again to them for inviting me. Great meeting @emptynetters @TPBderek @TPBadam and @SlewFooters 24 Sep
Geno just glides in shorthanded, waits for MIN to set a screen, and rips a wrister on net. 24 Sep
Niskanen buries someone along the boards. 24 Sep
Park with a hat trick of minor penalties... 24 Sep
How fast are Geno's hands? Tremendous pickup of the deflection. 24 Sep
After 2, Joe Vitale leads all Pens forwards in SH icetime, is tied for team lead in hits with 3 (Strait), and faceoff wins with 7. 24 Sep
Don't know how you fake having your skates taken out from under you... 24 Sep
Power play problems? What power play problems? 24 Sep
Looked like Cullen pulled up and turned right as the hit was coming. Tough play for Tangradi. 24 Sep
Vitale with a big FO win, down 2 men. 24 Sep
Some sloppy play and running around give MIN some great chances. Thiessen keeps it scoreless, but Pens take another penalty. 24 Sep
Despite Pens taking 4 minors to Minnesota's 2, they lead in shots 12-5. 24 Sep
Malkin with just 2:56 in the first. Even considering the time spent SH, still seems a little low. 24 Sep
Vitale with some good work on the PK. 24 Sep
Gonna be hard for Park to show he can help the PK if he keeps taking penalties. 24 Sep
Numbers are against him, but don't be shocked if NJ makes it. 24 Sep
Nick Johnson isn't spectacular at anything, but he's sound in every area. He's just a solid pro. 24 Sep
Well, the kids game was fight night last year... 24 Sep
A HUGE thank you to the @pghpenguins for inviting me up to the press box today! yfrog.com/o02qqkiaj 24 Sep
McDonald takes a big hit, but gets a SOG. Leads to chances for Malkin, then Tangradi. 24 Sep
Malkin, Cooke, Dupuis with the As... 24 Sep
Great sign in the crowd: Dear Mr. Lemieux, thanks for the tickets! 24 Sep
Vitale centering Asham and MacIntyre 24 Sep
Niskanen/Picard and Michalek/Strait 24 Sep
Craig between Tangradi and Johnson, Park with Cooke and Dupuis 24 Sep
71 with McDonald and Kunitz, Letang with Morrow 24 Sep
Warmups are underway... yfrog.com/hs1g1ecj 24 Sep

Camp 2011, Return to Southpointe: http://letsgopens.com/camp_reports.php?id=66 23 Sep
Harrington last one on ice, talking to Rierden. 23 Sep
Niskanen, Harrington, Strait and Vitale last ones off along with Brent Johnson and Thiessen. 23 Sep
Strait pancaked Staal in a one on one. @EricP55 is smiling somewhere. 23 Sep
Niskanen gets tangled up with Asham, Ash hard into the boards. Got up slow, but looks to be okay. 23 Sep
Vitale with Adams and Tangradi. 23 Sep
Strait and Lovejoy paired up. 23 Sep
Niskanen/Engelland paired up... 23 Sep
Park w/ Asham and MacIntyre 23 Sep
Vitale w/ Tangradi and McDonald. 23 Sep
Staal w/ 14 and 48... 23 Sep
Players waiting for zamboni... yfrog.com/mmyn2raj 23 Sep
Joe Morrow the last guy off. Worked w/ Reirden on little things. 23 Sep
Reirden working with d-men. 1st guy has to corral bouncing pass, then pass to center point for a shot. F in front screening goalie. 23 Sep
Cooke battling MAF while everyone else bombs slappers. 23 Sep
MAF throws his goal stick after two high slapppers from 71. Mostly in jest. Mostly. 23 Sep
And with a booming "That's it!" HCDB calls for and end to practice. 87 now off the ice. 23 Sep
1 on 1 drill working off the half wall. Not super-physical, but plent of contact. 87 participating. Hauled down Morrow at one point. 23 Sep
Tom Fitzgerald on the ice helping out the coaches. 23 Sep
Neal, Malkin, Crosby together. Look out. 23 Sep
5 on 5 drill. Defensive team has to try and clear w/o icing. 23 Sep
Crosby also back to being the lone skater with a white lid. 23 Sep
I wonder if minus 87 and plus 2 more dmen if this isn't tomorrow's lineup... 23 Sep
Sullivan looks fine from here; no evidence of lingering injury. 23 Sep
I think Monroe is at the other end. Going of reflection is glass since he won't turn around. #veteranmove 23 Sep
Fleury in one net... 23 Sep
Michalek/Martin and Picard/Morrow. Malkin is also here. 23 Sep
Letestu with Cooke and Dupuis. 23 Sep
Jeffrey skating on RW with N.Johnson and Craig. 23 Sep
Sullivan on the ice, skating with Crosby and Neal. 23 Sep
At a super-chilled Iceoplex w/ maybe a dozen other, watching Pens practice. 23 Sep

Camp 2011, Preseason Game 2 vs. Chicago report is here, and now updated with notes on NIck Johnson and Matt Cooke: http://letsgopens.com/camp_reports.php?id=65 23 Sep
I should have bet everyone on here big money that there wouldn't be any fights tonight. I would have cleaned house. 22 Sep
Still not comfortable with Engelland that far up ice, but eff it, they scored. 22 Sep
Great job by Nick Johnson to stay with that pass. Goal doesn't happen w/o that extra effort. 22 Sep
Lovejoy is having a pretty good night IMO. 22 Sep
Twice tonight I have seen Engelland leading offensive rushes. This is not something I would like to see again. 22 Sep
Pens' power play generated a few good chances, but couldn't quite score. 22 Sep
Frolik used Michalek perfectly as a screen. 22 Sep
I appreciate the effort, but if Lerg doesn't stop trying to hit people, he's going to hurt himself. 22 Sep
Good shift from Letestu and Tangradi there. 22 Sep
Not a lot to write home about that period. Pretty uneven play on both ends. Johnny looks rusty, but battled hard. 22 Sep
A Hawk just bounced off Veilleux. 22 Sep
Harrington looks very nervous out there. 22 Sep
Heckuva play by 48 to spin out of the corner and generate a scoring chance. 22 Sep
Thinking Pens D thought Johnny was gonna freeze that one. 22 Sep
Already tripping up on new numbers. Saw 28 and thought Godard; sorry Nick Johhnson. 22 Sep
Spent $25 on a steakhouse burger (w/ chips), a caramel pretzel shake, and a bottled water... And it was worth every penny! #burgatory 22 Sep
Despres and the other 4 d-men set down better step their game up in WB camp. 1-2 of them are getting pushed down to Wheeling b/c of numbers. 22 Sep
Just didn't expect him to be in 1st round of cuts or not to get into a game. Likely speaks to level of competition on blueline. 22 Sep
Just to clarify, my surprise over Despres wasn't that he was having a great camp or that I expected him to make the team. 22 Sep
Also, surprising to see DeFazio and to lesser extent, Wher and Kuhnhackl not get a game. Speaks to amount of depth/competition right now. 22 Sep
Wow, Simon Despres already sent to WB. No preseason games. 22 Sep
Alex Picard is another player getting a good opportunity tonight - top pairing w/ Michalek and top power play unit. 22 Sep
Advice to Blackhawks, don't start any trouble when the 4th line is out. You don't want to mess with MacIntyre, Sill, or Veilleux. 22 Sep
Nick Johnson getting a big opportunity tonight, skating on top line with Staal and Kennedy. 22 Sep
Watching Pens game on DVR. Didn't realize how close Morrow came to scoring twice within a few seconds on that major penalty. 22 Sep

Camp 2011, Preseason Game 1 vs. Detroit report is up: http://letsgopens.com/camp_reports.php?id=64 21 Sep
Morrow dumping Holmstrom makes me smile. 21 Sep
Garnet Exelby wouldn't have been able to skate with a one-legged Geno, much less one at full-strength. 21 Sep
Great shot by @malkin71_ but what the eff was Howard doing? Stay up and on the post and there's no net. 21 Sep
Whatta pass by Morrow. 21 Sep
I look for him to get up ice a little more as he gets more comfortable. Good seeing him out there with Letang; their styles are comparable. 21 Sep
Pretty good period for 1st rounder Joe Morrow. Was in the right places, solid D, and minus 1 bad pass, made good decisions w/ the puck. 21 Sep
Railings replaced by glass along front row of upper level. Not as high from what I remember. yfrog.com/kkdtanmj 21 Sep

Phil Bourque just said on @penguinslive that everyone has white helmets; 87 is not distinguished in anyway. Maybe nothing, maybe something. 20 Sep
With the radio reporting Sullivan's gone missing, it's worth noting that small tweaks are enough to pull someone from an exhibition game. 19 Sep
Radio says Sullivan is MIA and McDonald is taking his place with Malkin and Neal. 19 Sep
Tom Fitzgerald is always a good interview. 19 Sep
And there's the Malkin goal on my stream. 19 Sep
Wow, radio stream is way behind the twitterverse and the in-game blog on the Pens site. 19 Sep
Now that @penguinslive is over, I guess it's time to get off the couch... 19 Sep
Just got an on-air mention from @penguinslive , big-time here I come! 19 Sep
Would much rather be at camp as in past years, but at least the internet and HD radio helps fill the void. 19 Sep
That concludes my Tweet-fomercial for the Maple Street Press #PensAnnual. I now return to normal programming. 19 Sep
Also plenty of content from @Pensburgh himself and plenty of good info in the player profiles, especially if you like stats. #PensAnnual 19 Sep
Read what makes a Penguin from @MikeColligan and @laura_falcon ties a look back at Mellon Arena to a look at CEC. #PensAnnual 19 Sep
The #PensAnnual also contains the best, most comprehensive breakdown of the farm team you'll find, written by @CVBombulie 19 Sep
Learn to trust in Ray Shero's draft strategy, courtesty of @jmarshhh #PensAnnnual 19 Sep
Read why Jordan Staal is so important from @Sean_Leahy and @Hooks_Orpik details the maturation of Kris Letang. #PensAnnual 19 Sep
Read about the evolution of Brooks Orpik by @Steveinho and get a good read on Marc Andre Fleury from @Brian_Metzer #PensAnnual 19 Sep
Here are a few reasons why you need to go get the MSP Pens Annual... 19 Sep
The Pens Annual can also be found at local newsstands; I got mine at the Giant Eagle Market District in Robinson. 19 Sep
The Maple Street Press Pens Annual is a must-read. @Pensburgh put it together and it's full of tremendous content. tinyurl.com/4ynxuje 19 Sep
Bought one of these last week, finally finished reading it all today. If you are a Pens fan, you NEED to follow suit. tinyurl.com/4ynxuje 19 Sep

Camp 2011, Day 2 report is up: http://letsgopens.com/camp_reports.php?id=63 18 Sep
Another good time at camp, talked a lot of puck with @zboslett @bpayment and @EricP55 Blame them if you felt I under-tweeted today. 18 Sep
Crosby skating with Nick Johnson and Steve McIntyre. 18 Sep
Asham trips Dupuis. While on flat on the ice, Dupuis pulls Asham's skates out from under him, then gives him a friendly chop on the pants. 18 Sep
Arena playing Rob Base's It Takes Two. Never a bad time for that song, but its probably older than half the people here. 18 Sep
Letestu looked pretty good w/ Cooke and Asham. Asham seemed to have some skate issues falling a couple times and leaving the bench once. 18 Sep
Scrimmage was a lot different, not as much flow. Malkin line was solid, but nowhere near the offensive ridiculousness from yesterday. 18 Sep
Dupuis with a rather exaggerated celebration after the shootout winner. 18 Sep
With the goalie pulled, Group B ties it up. Tangradi right in front from Williams and Malkin. Good outlet pass from Z deep in his own end. 18 Sep
Letestu almost scores after Despres handcuffed Morrow with a bad pass behind the goal line. 18 Sep
DeFazio forces a Michalek turnover Sill capitalizes. 18 Sep
Adams is suddenly generating offense everywhere. Semi-breakaway near end of 1st, breakaway near beginning of 2nd, then a nifty deflection. 18 Sep
Richard Park spins off Engelland and generates a good chance for Group B. 18 Sep
Letestu centering Cooke and Dupuis today. 18 Sep
Group B is done practicing, they scrimmage Group C next. 18 Sep
TK continuing to be disruptive on the forecheck. 18 Sep
87 has been moved to group A. Not surprising as that's the group that isn't scrimmaging today. 18 Sep
Here comes everyone else... Game on! 18 Sep
Johnson and Killeen out early getting warmed up, Bylsma just came out. 18 Sep

I'll be back at it tomorrow morning, feel free to say hello. 17 Sep
Great day at camp, got to say hello to @Nick422 (even though he big-timed me twice) @PensPRLady @djseidling and @Silber_Bullet 17 Sep
Thoughts on Day 1 of camp here: http://letsgopens.com/camp_reports.php?id=62 17 Sep
Warm, sun-drenched car after a morning a cold rink. Mmmm. 17 Sep
OMG, the Crozbee wasn't the last one off the ice, something's clearly wrong. 17 Sep
Day 1 is winding down and Crosby survived. Barring retirement, he'll probably be back tomorrow. 17 Sep
Big thing for me today is that everyone coming off injuries, while not necessarily 100%, looks no worse for wear. 17 Sep
KDKA TV interviewing people in the stands. Surely there are people up top or in the concourse to talk to. I'm trying to watch hockey here. 17 Sep
Letestu centering Craig and McDonald. 17 Sep
If you were watch 87 for the first time today, you wouldn't think he was a guy that missed the 2nd half of last year. 17 Sep
Really wish Bylsma was miked. He just stopped diagramming a play to look at scoreboard b/c crowd was cheering an 87 close-up again. 17 Sep
Adams gave Rierden a friendly shoulder in one of the drills. 17 Sep
Cooke with a loud "Come on Engo!" after missing an empty net of a rebound. 17 Sep
87 only player wearing a white lid b/c white is more resistant to concussions. Or something like that. 17 Sep
Crosby got demoted to 3rd line; he's centering Cooke and Dupuis. 17 Sep
87 buries his first shot of camp. 17 Sep
Crowd gave Sid an extended standing O. 17 Sep
Crowd welcomes Matt Cooke to the ice with a loud cheer. 17 Sep
Crowd erupts for Lovejoy, who looked like he thought he was being punkd. 17 Sep
Arron Asham plays to the crowd. 17 Sep
Another one for Craig Adams. 17 Sep
Big pop from the crowd for Pascal Dupuis. 17 Sep
Williams played with Tangradi and Park quite a bit. Top line in WB perhaps? 17 Sep
TK just went into the corner w/ Sneep and Staal and came out w/ the puck. I know its just camp, but come on. 17 Sep
That wrister is the James Neal I saw in Dallas and the one I wanted here. 17 Sep
Blast from the past, Park snipes a one timer by Fleury from the slot. Sweet feed out of corner for Uher. 17 Sep
Geno scores on a penalty shot. 17 Sep
29 gets caught behind net, diving pokecheck saves a goal, post stops the rebound. 17 Sep
TK all over 58, who thought he had an easy out. Generated a good scoring chance. 17 Sep
TK snipes Fleury. Oddly enough, shooting looked like the last thing he wanted to do. 17 Sep
Welcome back Geno! 17 Sep
26-71-48 vs 14-11-18 to start... 17 Sep
Just took my seat for the scrimmage, game on! 17 Sep
Also, a second dasher board camera has been added in neutral zone across from Pens bench. Somewhere @cdevivo is smiling. 17 Sep
Can't get a good look, but it appears the railing at front of upper level has been replaced w/ glass. Not the case for suite level. 17 Sep
Kudos to the Pens for not limiting seating like they did at development camp. Easy to find a seat this morning. 17 Sep
The way Orpik's moving out there, you wouldn't know he's coming off a surgical procedure. 17 Sep
Street is centering Kuhnhackl and Veilleux. If Kuhn turns pro, that could be a pretty good source of secondary scoring for WB. 17 Sep
If these groups mean anything, Bylsma's top 6 w/o 87 are 14-11-18 and 26-71-48. 17 Sep
You could not get more "hockey weather" than this morning. Awesome. 17 Sep

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