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Eric Majeski's (aka Netwolf) Camp Reports for LetsGoPens.com

Camp 2001, Day 3

September 13, 2001

White 4, Gold 2

Mario Lemieux was more into it today and Johan Hedberg had a bit of an off day, and the White squad defeated Red, 4-2. Lemieux scored on a shot from along the right wing boards on the goal line. He put it at Hedberg's feet and he lost track of it and inadvertently kicked it into his own net. While that may be a soft goal, Lemieux has done that to so many goaltenders you have to cut Hedberg a break. Lemieux also set up the opening goal by sliding a soft pass to a breaking Rob Scuderi who cruised into the zone with no one anywhere near him. Scuderi blasted a slapshot by Hedberg.

Kris Beech was also terrific today. He blew a one-timer into the upper right corner by Hedberg that I honestly don't believe anyone could have stopped. It was a perfectly placed shot. He scored another goal in the shoot out that was incredible. He is a left handed shot. As he closed in on Hedberg, he moved the puck to his backhand as if to fake that way. He then slid the puck by Hedberg one-handed off the back hand side. I think this was the same move Peter Forsberg put on Tommy Salo in the Olympics to win gold for Sweden. It was a terrific goal.

Alexei Kovalev scored a goal on a penalty shot after being hooked by Mike Wilson. He deked so many times so fast Aubin had no chance. He practically deked Aubin completely out of the net. He got another one by Aubin in the shootout where he made one of two fakes and the decided to just blow a slapshot through the five hole.

Brooks Orpik threw four hits today, one in which he leveled Shane Endicott behind Aubin's net. He looked more comfortable out there today, even jumping into the offense a couple of times. He had a 2 on 1 with Lemieux and Hedberg had to make a god save to stop Orpik's one-timer.

Also, Rob Scuderi broke up a 2 on 1 between two members of the KLS line and prevented Martin Straka from getting 2 clean breakaways. On one, Straka got the shot away, but did not score.

Lines were mostly the same as yesterday. Lang went off for a bit after taking a shot to the leg, but returned and finished the game.

Here are some stats. I know these are not 100% accurate, but they should be close.

White: 10 + 8 + 9 = 27
Red: 11 + 8 + =15 = 34

White: Meloche, Beech, Orpik (4), Cullen (2), Parsons (3), Gyori, Ference
Red: Mathieu (3), Verot (2), Cermak, Armstrong, Lupaschuk

White: Lemieux 11-15, Beech 10-8, Gyori 10-2, O'Driscoll 1-1, Hrdina 0-3
Red: Lang 15-10, Endicott 2-9, Eizenman 1-4, Verot 10-7, Armstrong 1-2


1st period
6:37 Scuderi (W) (Lemieux, Richer)
12:05 Lang (R) hooked Stevens (W), save Hedberg
13:13 Orpik (W) held Mathieu (R), poke check Aubin
13:30 Wilson (W) roughed Endicott (R), save Aubin
14:34 Endicott (R) hooked Ference (W), save Hedberg
(Ference made a great move, but Hedberg got a piece of it but had no idea he had it)

2nd Period:
8:03 Lemieux (W) (Stevens, Orpik)
14:24 Beech (W) high-sticked Mathieu (R), save Hedberg
15:05 Cermak (R) tripped Gyori (W), scored
(Hedberg got a piece, but it fluttered in anyway)
17:25 Beech (W) (Hrdina)

3rd Period:
5:25 Meloche (W) high-sticked Verot (R), save Aubin
5:36 Hrdina (W) interfered with MacDonald (R), shot high
7:54 Lang (R) (Straka, Kovalev)
16:20 Wilson (W) held Kovalev (R), score

Red won the shootout 4-3. Scoring for Red were Kovalev, Straka, Jonsson, and Armstrong. Jonsson put a very nice forehand to backhand move on his. Beech, Hrdina, and Rouleau scored for White.

Black 6, Gold 5

First off, Dome missed again with the foot injury he suffered yesterday and Milan Kraft was still out with the flu. Also missing were Bill Tibbetts and Jan Fadrny for Gold. I didn't hear anything on Fadrny, but someone else in the stands said Tibbetts had a decent cut near his eye. I have no idea if that's true, but I do remember seeing him bleeding a little after one of his fights.

Not to worry though fight fans, Krzysztof Oliwa made sure you were entertained by eventually blowing a major gasket late in the game. At 14:26 of the third, he took a boarding penalty on Darcy Robinson, who smacked his face of the glass pretty good. It's a good bet Robinson will be seeing the team dentist after that hit because I'm almost positive chipped a few teeth, if he didn't lose a couple. Robinson finished took his penalty shot and finished the game though. Oliwa probably would have been tossed if it had been a real game.

Shortly after that, Drew Fata (who had been partnered with Robinson when he got boarded) nailed Oliwa with a check. It was away from the play so I didn't see it, but the guy behind me said it was clean and that Oliwa likely got the wind knocked out of him. Oliwa was down on the ice for about a minute or so and did not look happy when he finally got up. No penalty was called.

A couple minutes later, Brendan Walsh (5'9") was yapping away at Oliwa (6'5"). Walsh dropped his gloves and the two went at it. Walsh did a good job to hang on and not get killed. (More on Walsh later.) Both men were assessed roughing penalties. For some reason, Michal Sivek took Oliwa's shot and was stopped by Tallas. Walsh was yapping at Sivek (something about wearing a visor) after the save. Walsh then took his shot, with Oliwa chasing, which ended up not being a good idea. Walsh scored to tie the game at 5 partly because Caron came way out of his net and missed a poke check badly. After dumping the puck into the open net, Walsh ran his mouth some more and Oliwa decided he had heard enough and gave Walsh a vicious one handed slash across his arm. Walsh kept yapping but didn't drop his gloves. Oddly, no penalty shot was awarded to Walsh. Ian Moran and Dan Lacouture jumped off the bench at that point and both made beelines for Oliwa. Nobody actually squared off because the officials and other teammates managed to keep everyone separated.

The peace was short-lived however. At the end of the game Oliwa and Moran (who played center today) took some shots at each other and were about to got at it. Lacouture stepped in, and in a hurry too. He got in there really, really quick. Both guys threw some shots, but neither really connected from what I could see. After they were separated, Oliwa stripped down to his undershirt and was yapping at Lacouture to come over for round 2. I'm guessing Oliwa was upset about him jumping in for Moran. Lacouture tossed his helmet down, but officials kept them from going at it again.

In other fight news, Walsh and Kostopoulos went at it. Walsh appeared to throw a few big bombs, but I don't think they did anything besides get Kostopoulos off-balance. Walsh lost all of his gear in the process. Ian Moran had a go with Eric Lind also, but nothing really happened in that one either.

Josef Melichar left the game 58 seconds into the third. He limped off, favoring his right leg. I do not believe he returned.

Brendan Walsh plays very reminiscent of Matt Barnaby. He is small, but backs down from no one. He never seems to stop talking, and can actually play some, as evidenced by today's score sheet.

Black: 11 +11 + 11 = 33
Gold: 8 +11 + 7 = 26

Black: Kasparaitis (3), Kostopoulos, Errey, Oliwa(2), Morozov, Chaulk, Buckley
Gold: Walsh (2), Robinson (3), Sonnenberg (3), Melichar, Fata (4)

Black: Bes 19-9, Sivek 8-10, Chaulk 6-9
Gold: Moran 10-8, Walsh 13-16, Petersen 4-8. Sonnenberg 1-0, Ruid 0-1


1st Period
2:06 Walsh (G) (goal was not announced)
3:47 Oliwa (B) (Sivek, Buckley)
17:38 Gaffaney (B) held Walsh (G), scored high glove on Hamerlik

2nd Period
5:10 Kasparaitis (B) interfered with Campbell (G), scored
(Kaspar argued this call big time, and threw the net off it's moorings into the boards after Campbell scored. He also followed Campbell around on the next shift and nailed him hard into the boards twice. Campbell had an opportunity to return the favor later in the game, but did not)
8:47 Surovy (B) (Lind, Errey)
9:44 Morozov (B) (Lyness, Sivek)
(Great shot by Morozov, Caron now in for Black)
18:50 Lind (B) (Errey)

3rd Period
6:05 Robinson (G) interfered with Errey (B), save Tallas
12:16 Sonnenberg (G) (Zevahkin)
(I thought the pass came from Walsh but they called Zevahkin. Great centering pass was made regardless while falling down. Sonnenberg was going down the slot hard)
13:53 Lyness (B) (unassisted)
14:26 Oliwa (B) boarded Robinson (G), save Caron
17:23 Walsh (G) roughed Oliwa (B), taken by Sivek, save Tallas
17:23 Oliwa (B), roughed Walsh (G), scored
17:35 Kostopoulos (B) (unassisted)

Notes: Sivek and Morozov are working very well together. In addition to Oliwa's goal, he got two other golden chances as a result of Sivek and Morozov's play. Also, the line of Jeff Bes, Bob Errey and Tom Kostopoulos may be the best forchecking line in camp. Those three get the puck in deep and then they seem to be everywhere.

Gold won the shootout 4-2. Black got goals from Lyness and Kostopoulos. Scoring for Gold were Rozsival, Ouellet, and Walsh twice. I have no idea why Walsh got two tries.

netwolf believes that hockey is a great way to take your mind off of more serious things... even if its only for a few hours.

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