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Eric Majeski's (aka Netwolf) Camp Reports for LetsGoPens.com

Camp 2007, Southpointe Session 3

September 16, 2007

Scrimmage Lineups:

Black Team:


Sabourin played the 1st half; Conklin the 2nd.

White Team:


Fleury was in net for the 1st half; Brown got the 2nd.

Ardelan, Bissonette, Engelland, Letestu, Lannon, D'Aversa, Jensen, Rank, and Minard did not play.

Scoring and Penalties

1st Half:

White Penalty Shot: Whitney cross-checked Roberts. Roberts just lost the puck just inside the blueline.

White Penalty Shot: Rullier held Wallace. Sabourin poke checked him before he could get a shot off.

Black Penalty Shot: Roberts hooked Crosby. Crosby went forehand/backhand on Fleury and Fleury couldn't stick with with him. Crosby roofed a backhand, sending the water bottle flying. Black led 1-0.

Black Penalty Shot: Roberts tripped Malone. Malone skated in and tried a wrist shot high glove, but Fleury stopped him.

White Penalty Shot: Orpik tripped Christensen. Christensen made the same forehand/backhand move he often used last year and buried a wrister midway up on Sabourin's blocker side. Game tied at 1.

2nd Half:

White Penalty Shot: Sykora hooked Malkin. Malkin made a move to the backhand and appeared to fan a bit on the 5 hole attempt. Conklin made an easy stop.

White Penalty Shot: Malone slashed Letang. Letang faked forehand shot, then pulled it back and tried dumping it in, but Conklin made dove back to his left and stopped him.

Black Penalty Shot: Sydor interfered with Malone. Malone made a nice move to the backhand, but Brown stuck with him and made the save look easy.

Black Goal (Black led 2-1) Filewich (Stone, Smith) - Stone threaded a pass across the top of the crease, essentially giving Filewich and empty net.

White Penalty Shot: Rullier took a penalty on Malkin. (I didn't hear the ref's call). Malkin tried a quick shot, but Conklin got his blocker on it.

White Goal (Game tied 2-2) Malkin (Sydor, Gonchar) - The White team scores late for the 3rd game in a row, this time with 1:44 left. Sydor got the puck at the point and wound up. It looked like he saw Malkin open in front of the net, and fired a shot-pass right to have, and Malkin chipped it up under the crossbar.


Black 1 - Recchi wrist shot 5 hole, save Brown
White 1 - Christensen backhand 5 hole, goal 0-1
Black 2 - Sykora backhand over Brown's blocker, 1-1
White 2 - Esposito wrist shot missed net low blocker side
Black 3 - Crosby wrist shot low blocker, save Brown
White 3 - Hall wrist shot 5 hole, save Conklin
Black 4 - Staal wrist shot 5 hole, save Brown
White 4 - Kennedy backhand missed net low blocker
Black 5 - Armstrong wrist shot missed net high glove
White 5 - Malkin wrist shot missed net low blocker
Black 6 - Malone wrist shot 5 hole, save Brown
White 6 - Talbot backhand 5 hole, save Conklin
Black 7 - Filewich wrist shot 5 hole, goal 2-1
White 7 - Brent wrist shot 5 hole, goal 2-2
Black 8 - Stone backhand low blocker, save Brown
White 8 - Ruutu backhand low glove, goal 2-3

Scrimmage Notes:

Better tempo and intensity than yesterday, but still not quite where Day 1 was.

Fleury was really sharp today. Rebounds were good for the most part, but he did let out two, but was quick to make saves on the follow up shots. Whitney should have had a goal off a Malone rebound, but Fleury stuffed him. He made another really nice save on Recchi later in the 1st half.

Sabourin wasn't tested as much, but was also good today. He made a nice stop on a bang-bang play in front, denying Brent and again moments later on Laraque.

Conklin and Brown were solid, but again didn't face many quality chances. Conklin did make a big stop on Ruutu with 52.6 second left. One of the defensemen fanned on a pass to his partner and Ruutu got a 15 foot breakaway.

Ruutu made good on his next chance, in the 8th round of the shootout. He could not have skated much slower. He skated in and moved fairly deliberately back and forth forehand to backhand and eventually just poked one by Conklin on the backhand side.

Crosby's effort in Round 3 was amazing. He came down the left side, faked a shot, did the leg kick, slid it to the backhand, then threw on the brakes and pulled it back to the forehand. It was just as amazing that Brown was able to stick with him and go into the splits to shut the door.

Staal looked a step or two quicker today, especially when he had the puck.

Laraque fell awkwardly into the board and was down for a moment or two. Several players motioned to the trainers, but he got up on his own and stayed out for the rest of his shift. I guess he just got the wind knocked out of him.

As Filewich got ready for his shootout attempt, I heard a member of the Pens' staff make a remark about him being "0 for 15" on breakaways. No wonder Filewich ended up burying it.

Goligoski showed no signs of a shoulder injury. He wasn't that noticeable, good or bad. He skated well and made some nice passes

Other Notes:

I overheard and Iceoplex employee remark to someone that the Pens were "back for good." He said they've moved all their equipment into the large locker room in the corner and that any time the arena is not available, he expects them to be there.

The White team practiced after the game. When it was over, Crosby went over to Whitney and had him set up at the left point. Crosby then skated down the slot, slightly to his right side, looking back to his left at Whitney. Whitney then sent a puck toward the net and Crosby was tipping them. They kept doing it for a few minutes. Eventually, Crosby chipped one right under the cross bar. It was exactly like the goal Malkin scored to tie the game. At that point, Crosby grinned and it was on to something else.

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