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Eric Majeski's (aka Netwolf) Camp Reports for LetsGoPens.com

Camp 2001, Day 2

September 12, 2001

White 1, Gold 3

The biggest story out of this game was the clash between Bill Tibbetts and Mario Lemieux. Early in the first period, Tibbetts took a late swipe at JS Aubin who had covered up a puck. Aubin didn't like it and pushed him away. A defenseman (not sure who) came to help out Aubin and Tibbetts cross-checked him. Lemieux then stepped in and cross-checked Tibbetts in the back. Tibbetts turned around and pushed him away.

Late in the same period, Lemieux and Tibbetts were out on the ice at the same time and Lemieux followed Tibbetts around the ice. Once Tibbetts picked up a puck along the boards, Lemieux hit him into the boards and gave him a couple of shots with the lumber. The last one, a cross-check to the neck got Lemieux and penalty. In these games, a breakaway is awarded, with the person committing the infraction chasing the person who was fouled. Aubin made the save.

Ten seconds later, Tibbetts scored a goal by driving to the net and Lemieux hit him again afterwards, drawing another penalty. Tibbetts went after him and that's when Steve Parsons left the bench to challenge Tibbetts. Neither landed anything big. The fight settled nothing and the two continued jawing at each other until they both lost the helmets and elbow pads and went back at it for round two. Parsons had a slight edge this time, and Tibbetts appeared to be slightly cut under one of his eyes.

I'm guessing Tibbetts must have done something else that I missed to get Lemieux that riled up. It's very unlikely that Lemieux would chase after him for taking a swipe at Aubin.

In addition to Parsons vs. Tibbetts twice, there were also plenty of other altercations. None of them were anything great. Here's the fight card: Dylan Gyori vs. Derek Campbell, Mike Wilson vs. Campbell, Andrew Ference vs. Brendan Walsh, and Alex Rouleau vs. Martin Sonnenberg. Ference had actually stepped in for Wilson, who Walsh had be going after. Good thing for Walsh; he's 5'9"; Wilson is 6'6". He'd have needed a stepladder to hit him.

Here are the lines used:

Gold (coached by Joe Mullen)


Rob Tallas was in goal.

Robert Dome did not play. He was out for the skating drill but left early.

White (coached by Glenn Patrick)
Parsons rotated in with the 3rd line.

Scuderi switched in for Rouleau

Aubin was in goal

Here are some stats. I know these are not 100% accurate, but they should be close. This game was played only two periods for some reason.

White: 8 + 10 = 18
Gold: 9 + 15 = 24

White: Gyori, Richer, Meloche (3), Orpik (2), Wilson, Lemieux, Cullen (2)
Gold: Melichar, Tibbetts (3), Lacouture (2), Zevahkin, Robinson, Campbell, Sonnenberg

White: Lemieux 5-4, Beech 12-8, Gyori 4-9, O'Driscoll 0-2, Hrdina 3-0
Gold: Fadrny 8-9, Peterson 8-9, Walsh 8-5


1st period
9:15 Robinson hooked Hrdina, save Tallas
13:23 Petersen (G) (Sonnenberg, Zevahkin) (poor angle, Aubin should have had it)
13:47 Campbell cross-checked Gyori, save Tallas
18:44 Lemieux cross-checked Tibbetts, save Aubin
18:54 Tibbetts (G) (Lacouture)
18:54 Lemieux? Cross-checked Tibbetts, save Aubin

2nd Period:
2:58 Wilson held Zevahkin, save Aubin
3:41 Hrdina (W) (Meloche)
6:48 Walsh hooked Gyori, save Tallas
11:34 Walsh (G) (Moran, Ouellet)
15:24 Orpik hooked Zevahkin, shot wide

The Lemieux line did very little. Richer let go a couple nice shots, but that was about it. Lemieux looked very disinterested, and appeared to not be trying very hard on the face-offs later in the game.

Orpik looked a little nervous, but settled down as the game progressed. Beech made several nice passes and continued to show that he is an excellent stickhandler.

Red 7, Black 4

It seems a little unfair that the Red team has the entire KLS line and Johan Hedberg. You would think the team's best line and best goalie would be on separate teams.

Not as many fights in this game, but Brian Gaffaney went twice. One time each with Darcy Verot and Jason MacDonald.


Black (coached by Randy Hillier)
JC Ruid rotated into the 3rd line


Caron started in net, Hamerlik came in at 9:54 of the 2nd

Red (coached by Rick Kehoe)

Mark Moore rotated in

Heberg was in net.

Black: 6 + 7 + 8 = 21
Red: 9 + 8 + 7 = 24

Black: Lyness, Kostopoulos (2), Oliwa, Lind, Ratchuk, Gaffaney
Red: Koci, Verot, Petit, Mathieu (2)

Black: Ruid 3-1, Bes 8-9, Sivek 14-9, Chaulk 4-2
Red: Lang 9-13, Verot 8-8, Endicott 4-9, Eizenman 0-1


1st Period
7:15 Cermak hooked Surovy, shot wide
9:35 Buckley interfered with Mathieu (R), scored on low backhand
16:40 Kostopoulos (B) (Kaspariatis, Errey)
16:55 Moore tripped Errey, shot high
18:48 MacDonald slashed Gaffaney, save Hedberg

2nd Period
9:54 Hamerlik relieved Caron in net for Black
15:36 Endicott (R) (Armstron, Cermak)
15:58 Morozov (B) (unassisted)
18:25 Eizenman (R) (Jonsson, MacDonald)
18:44 Kosotpoulos (B) (Petit, Errey)

3rd Period
0:29 Lang (R) (Jonsson)
4:25 Errey hooked Jonsson (R), scored on low backhand
5:25 Eizenman tripped Oliwa, save Hedberg
15:17 Sivek (B) (Morozov)
15:44 Kovalev (R) (Straka, Lang)
19:31 MacDonald (R) (Mathieu, Endicott)

Notes: Michal Sivek was everywhere. The puck was following him around and his line generated several good chances. Robert Lang's goal was a fluke. Hans Jonsson shot it in off of Lang's foot. Oliwa appeared to be hurt after blocking a Petit slapshot, but finished the game.

netwolf believes that hockey is a great way to take your mind off of more serious things... even if its only for a few hours.

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